Artistic Grace!

So often when we have experienced abuse or loss or betrayal, there are no words to express the pain.

We cry, we scream, we double over in grief. We ache to the very core of our being.

Sometimes we withdraw, even from those who love us most. Many of us get stuck, especially when we do not have the support or understanding we need to get back up and carry on.

Sometimes we die a slow death inside… but the pain needs to come out. It will not be silent!

There are millions of others filled with pain, with no name or face to us. However, the pain inside of us recognizes their pain and hears it calling our name.

This is why our pain often expresses itself in art: whether it be composing, playing, or singing music; painting or dancing; poetry or writing. It longs to be expressed. It must!

There are others who need to find comfort in it. They need to find the words that will not come inside of them, to find their own voice, to find their way again… to find healing!

When our pain is expressed in these ways,  God often uses it to comfort and heal others; and then creates in them something that comforts and heals those whose pain is calling their name too.

And somewhere in this process, to our surprise, when our pain is heard, truly heard and felt, we find our own healing. We find ourselves carrying on and living once again too!

And through God’s grace, even out of death comes life!

This kind of art is different than talent. It is bigger than us. It is a life giving force that comes through us, but is not of us…

This miraculous full circle is Artistic Grace!


9 thoughts on “Artistic Grace!

  1. Hello Blue,

    I have not thought of art this way. Not being able to create art myself I see myself on the consuming side. My approach to art is very simple, if not to say naive. Either I resonate with it or I don’t. What I resonate with varies with time. And it does so to an extend that I can use a piece of art as an indicator giving me access to the state of mind I am in, that I otherwise would be unable to find out about. Thats why you find so much music in my blog. Songs that I liked yesterday might not feel right today and vice versa. The same is true for poetry, photos, sculptures, architecture, basically everything that falls under the aspect of being art. Music is very special, because it puts a consumer/listener into a very special situation as opposed to, lets say a painting. A piece of music, has a length, a rhythm, tones, which give a strong guidance of how to perceive it. It takes the listener “by the hands” and leads him through the piece for the time of its duration. …

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    1. Thank you! But you do have the gift of encouragement which is an art unto itself and so valuable. Also, I am not sure how many things you have tried. For instance, I didn’t know I could write, much less write poetry until I was well into adulthood. Maybe my poetry is the expression of a lifetime of unshed tears. Also, I just started playing the drums about three years ago (maybe a future post). I can tell from your thoughtful comments that you must be an amazing friend. And we all know that is a precious gift not everyone finds. So artistic grace does flow through you, it already has to me! It has been great getting to know you!

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      1. Blue, your poems are very strong. I can resonate with them.

        I found a quote on art by Joseph Beuys:
        “Art alone makes life possible – this is how radically I should like to formulate it. I would say that without art man is inconceivable in physiological terms… I would say man does not consist only of chemical processes, but also of metaphysical occurrences. The provocateur of the chemical processes is located outside the world. Man is only truly alive when he realizes he is a creative, artistic being… Even the act of peeling a potato can be a work of art if it is a conscious act.”

        In his terms my blog is probably a work of art 🙂

        As a child I loved painting. Then it lost its innocence when I started to compare my results to those of others. As a consequence threw all I had produced into the bin. I thought they were not worth keeping them as they were not good enough. (…not being worth seems to be one of my life topics 🙂 …sounds familiar, doesn’t it?). I recently found a few drawings that my mother has kept. If I find one, I will blog a photo of it so you can see what I was up to.

        I guess I have somehow managed to developed a feeling for people out of fear of being hurt. As a child I was so shy and insecure that judging people was my way of protecting myself against a “hostile” environment. Today this is still very present and probably one of the fundaments my being is build upon. This way my biggest “weakness” triggered another part in me that now might be my biggest “strength”.

        I am writing this as an add on to my yesterdays comment to your post. If you would have a different background I would probably write “trust me in my judgement on you”. Because of the way it is I am saying “take it as an indication of a truth that you will find on your path to yourself”.

        I am looking forward to reading all the other post you have already blogged and the ones that still have to be written.


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  2. I am both glad and sad that my poems resonate with you. They come from such a deep lonely and untouched place of heartache I don’t wish on anyone. But if they do resonate, I hope they are helpful!

    Regarding the quote, I don’t think I ever feel more alive than when I write (and that could be from living most of my life without a voice).

    Yes, your blog is your work of art!

    As for your painting, I do get what you have / are experiencing. While I love to write, I struggle with seeing myself as a writer and even as owning it as mine. My husband made me promise him to NEVER throw any of my writings away. I listened and actually my post today, “Breaking The Silence,” was something that I would have thrown away in the past. I wrote it a few weeks ago and it is filled with thoughts that have been burning inside of me since I was twelve years old. Today I released it.

    Playing the drums has actually helped me to be less afraid to write (I will write a post about that sometime).

    I really hope you will start painting again! Start out doing it for yourself and hopefully eventually you will be able to share it. And even if you don’t, it can be a blessing to you. Playing the drums are like that for me, I don’t play them for anyone else.

    Comparing our art, while hard not to do, is never a good idea. Our art will never be like someone elses and that is a part of arts unique beauty. It cripples us and for many even makes it hard to fully enjoy or appreciate other people’s art. It tarnishes ours and theirs. In a huge way our art is a reflection of some part of who we are. For me it is a window into another human being, a unique creation.

    I relate so much to your need to protect yourself. It has taken me a painfully long time to trust my gut instincts, to know I could. They have never been wrong, I just have to listen to them no matter how anything appears outwardly.

    Hopefully you will discover a lot of great things about yourself and grow in your confidence through your blog.

    I hope you can find one of your drawings, I would love to see it!

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  3. Blue, I am sorry I am replying so late. I was not informed automatically by wordpress that you have written this comment and sort of accidentally stumbled over this reply, because I wanted to come back and thank you again. Today I want to let you know that the past two days have been “cleansing” for me because of your posts. You have helped me a lot in understanding the behaviour of a friend. Unfortunately it was too late for saving the friendship but early enough to make peace with myself after two years. It will take some time for me to read through all your blogs and I want to reply to each of them indiviually. By the way, I am living in Germany and there probably is a huge time-difference to where you life. I am writing this from the office and and it is 4PM right now.

    Thank you so much Blue!

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    1. I am glad my words were helpful, but so sorry for the loss of your friendship. As for missing my comment, I have experienced the same problem twice now. Not to worry about the delay in your response. Yes we do have a time difference, and it is amazing we can connect from so far away! I look forward to “talking” to you! I hope you have a lovely evening!

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  4. Blue,

    Thank you for allowing me to be on this journey with you. Your blog is magic. The truth of life that reveals itself to me through you is much deeper that I thought it was. It contains so much more love but also so much more pain and cruelty than I could have imagined.


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    1. Jens,
      Your words mean more to me than you will ever know! You brought us back to where we began! Your support has been so meaningful to me! I am honored to have you share this journey with me. It wouldn’t be the same without you!

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