Broken Pieces

Soft white clouds
fill the air I breathe
touching prints
left in the sky

Feelings . . .
like a storm
rush to follow
the path not chosen

Screams unheard
as agony falls like thunder
and tears threaten
to flood the earth – again!

Silence fills the spaces
of the memories held captive
that long to speak

Feelings forced back too far
making room
for what would not end

A heart breaks
in silence
– alone –

Stillness threatens
what longs to be made right

Power – like an earth quake
tears down the fortress
that once held the terror

New anguish melts
together with the old
a mixture confused
with an unbearable weight
pressing heavily
into the injustice

As fear grips
all the words that choke
and the unshed tears
that long to speak
her truth


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