Several years ago I had this longing, a feeling like something was missing in our lives. Our children were grown and they all lived in a different state. My arms longed to hold something. I had so much more love to give, and not enough places to express it.

I told my husband that we needed a pet. He was surprised because I never grew up with pets. My mother hated cats and I often said it was more natural for humans to live outside with animaIs than for animals to live indoors with humans.

My husband grew up with cats and dogs; pets were always a part of his childhood. But, he wasn’t convinced I would be happy with pet hair in our house and everything else that goes with having a pet.

I was surprised too by this longing. I wasn’t sure where it was coming from, I only knew that it was there.

At the time, our living space was small and my husband thought it was too small. He told me that when we moved somewhere with more living space, we would get a pet. I was disappointed, but I knew that he was right.

Within a year, we moved to a bigger home and the yearning was still there. With hesitation, my husband agreed that we would begin the search for a kitten.

We looked in several pet stores for a rescue and then to several shelters. It was December and there weren’t many kittens to be found. The few that were available were being adopted quickly, as many people wanted them for a Christmas present.

Finally, we went to the Pound and found two kittens that were sisters sharing a cage. It was a culture shock being in the Pound. I felt overwhelmed by the smell, the sounds, and the living conditions of the animals, and so we left.

We kept looking, but couldn’t stop thinking about those two kittens. About a week later, we decided to go back to the Pound to see if at least one of them was still there. When we went into the room where the kittens were, only one of them was there. It’s sister had been adopted, but her tag was still on the cage. However, this kitten’s tag was missing.

My husband realized that there had been some mix up with the tags, which made it appear as if this kitten had been adopted as well, when actually that was not the case. We asked the young man working there about it and he seemed confused. So we looked around and my husband found her tag on a different cage. After a little investigation, they realized that she was indeed still available.

All the other kittens there had been adopted as well. If it weren’t for the mix up with the tags, we would have been without a kitten again.

A few days later, we were able to bring Sierra home. She had so much fun energy. She filled a spot missing in our lives.
About two weeks later, I started thinking of different kitten names and thought about the name Destiny. When my husband came home from work, I asked him what he thought of the name. He looked at me strange and asked me if I wanted to change Sierra’s name, to which I replied, “no!” He asked me why I was thinking of another name for a kitten then. I looked at him, and said, “I don’t know!”

It was about two weeks later, when we went to get into my husband’s car that we found a note on the windshield. The person who left it stated that they heard a kitten under the hood of his car, but they couldn’t reach it.

My husband opened the hood and there sat a five ounce, furry, adorable, little kitten. We both looked up at each other at the same time and in the same breath exclaimed, “Destiny!”
It is a toss up who needed who the most! From a longing came a surprise and more than we could have hoped for. They are still with us and filling our lives with a lot of joy and love. There are times when I am holding one of them, that I am filled with so much gratefulness that tears come to my eyes.

I have discovered that there is nothing more natural than for humans and pets to live together. Out of those longings came a love that heals. A most precious gift!

It was destiny!


6 thoughts on “Destiny

  1. Cats are a gift of nature. We have three. Casi, Casper and Luna. The first two was rescued by my boyfriend from a place where they were not taken good care of and had no understanding for cats. Luna was given over to us because she is “Mean and a Problem cat” I never seen it!! All three are lovely with beautiful personalites and start our family. Which I hope to complete with 2 little human miracles in the future!

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  2. A wonderful story. I am more of a dog person instead of a cat person. But this story reminds me of when I went to the pound to look for a puppy, I found a Chihuahua. He was in a cage in the section with the kittens because he was so small. He was adopted that day! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. That is an adorable story! Actually Destiny is more like a puppy than a cat. She follows me around and loves being held like a baby. She brings me so much love and comfort every day. Again, thank you!

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