Goodbye Daddy!

Daddy, I have been crying
     every day for two years now
The pain of losing you is so connected
     to the abuse that followed
I ache so much inside

I wonder, can you see me?
     Do you hear my heart’s cry?
Can you help me daddy?
     Can you show me how to fly?

I needed you
     but you weren’t there
When I should have been
     carefree and playing
My trust, my innocence
     was ripped away
I miss you daddy
     I miss you desperately!

I feel stuck in time
     the whole world went on
But I couldn’t leave you
     I couldn’t leave you behind
So I stayed there with you
     locked up in time
My body grew
     but I remained with you

I miss you daddy
     I am still your little girl
I look up
     to see the blue in your eyes
I long to live in a world
     where there are no more goodbyes…


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Daddy!

  1. I am impressed by this document of your deepest emotions. For sure theiy have been given to you to feel this pain, but more than that to experience the exact opposite. If not you, who in this world would be better capable giving and taking love? I feel so positive about you and the path ahead of you!


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