Why Do I Forgive You?

why do i
forgive YOU?

i forgive YOU
not because YOU deserve it
not to absolve YOU
from any responsibility

YOU are so selfish
and yes…
evil too

those are the words
that describe YOU!

maybe YOU are even broken too!
but don’t comfort
with that as an excuse

for YOU need to know
many of thousands
even millions
of others are broken
just like YOU

but they don’t ever do
with their pain
and brokeness
what YOU
chose to do

YOU see yourself
as a victim
and at one time
that might have been true

however, when YOU
crossed the line
to hurt someone else
YOU became that
which injured YOU

when YOU look
into the mirror
instead of feeling sorry
for yourself

see that YOU are
the only one to blame
no longer can you use
the ghost of your past
to excuse all that YOU have done
or use it to take away any blame

for YOU chose
to do
what YOU did

the rest of us
live alone
with our pain

we often
even take the blame

we struggle
and ache
and we drown
in our sorrow

not only because of what
YOU did to us
but because of how
YOU chose to deal
with YOUR own pain

for YOU see
i have a life

my life

the one that YOU
took away from me
that needs living

the one that YOU took
when YOU chose to do
all that YOU did to me

for it has been way too hard
sad, lonely, and long

not everyone
picks up the gun
chooses to pull the trigger
or stab and twist into the heart
with a knife

not everyone chooses
to destroy someone innocent
because of the pain
lying deep down
inside of them

so no
don’t be mistaken
the forgiveness i give
is not for YOU

i forgive YOU because
what YOU did
defines not me
but YOU

it defines
who YOU are
which is weak
and cowardly
and destructive
and evil

my forgiveness
it is not to set YOU free

I forgive YOU
not for YOU
but for me

no one
not even i
can set YOU free

for if another’s forgiveness
could set YOU free
YOU never would have injured me

for so many others
had already forgiven YOU
but that didn’t stop YOU
from wounding me

so no one can set YOU free

only YOU can do that
by first forgiving

taking full responsibility
so that God
if YOUR heart is true

and if it is even possible

can ultimately
forgive YOU


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