Why Do You Forgive Him?

why do you
forgive HIM?

you forgive HIM
because when caught
HE cries
HE falls apart
HE tells his story and says
”I was abused in my past too”

i watch all of you
fall for it
time and time again

the victim remains
in the background
watching you
sympathize with HIM

i have seen this
in churches
and in society too

i don’t get it
HE receives compassion
and help
with no thought
for the message this sends
to the ones
broken by HIM

while those HE injures
are told instead
“you must forgive HIM”

the injured watch
as HE plays all of you
a bigger monster
HE becomes because of you

as HE clings
to HIS story
so sad and contrite
when speaking to you

while behind your back
HE laughs at you
HE is the perpetrator
you become the fool

i ask myself
what is the real issue?
is it the transgressions
inside of you?

the secrets you keep
that you would never
want to be revealed
or held accountable to

so protecting HIM
is like
protecting you

you excuse HIM
because of what
is inside of you

treating HIM
the way you
would want us
to treat you

can’t you see
the price
that the wounded pay

it is like
kicking them
when they are already down

but you can’t
serve Satan
and God too

so the price
the wounded pay
is first from HIM
then from you

when i wrote
Why Do I Forgive You?
(referring to HIM)

the passion
and pain
was as much toward you
as it was toward HIM

i want to scream when i hear
preachers, teachers, Christians
and society too
play right into HIS sick games

it seems as though
it is easier
for you to believe HIS lies
than it is to believe our pain

in the end
HE is more comfortable
around you
than i am

can anyone see
there is something
terribly wrong?

you call it compassion
i call it ignorance

don’t get me wrong
on some level
i do understand
for i was the first
before you were
to be taken by HIM

the price
the injured pay
is a price way too high
we become the casualty

it appears as though you can
relate more to HIM
than you can
to those hurt by HIM

please understand
you can call it whatever you want
by whatever name you choose
but compassion for HIM
it is not

it is really
compassion for you

if HE had taken
a gun or a knife
if our wounds
you could see

if our tears
were blood
you couldn’t deny

but because they are hidden
deep inside
crippling and silent
far from your eyes to see

it is easier
for the story HE tells
to draw tears
from your eyes

while often
too often
it feels as though
it is us you despise

this pattern must stop
in society
it makes even churches
a very unsafe place to be

a warning needs posted
on their front door
“Enter at your own risk!”

and if the perpetrator is your PASTOR…
after you pick HIM up
and you brush HIM off
HE is sent to another parish

what happens then
well… well…
there is not enough space
here to tell that story too

I ask myself why
and i ask you
to ask yourself too

is the perpetrator more welcomed
and comfortable around you?

because of how easy it is for you
to accept HIM
those who HE wounded
are left feeling very unsafe
also around you

it seems to me
it would be better
to err on the side
of those hurt by HIM

for if He were not even
acknowledged by you
isn’t this HIS doing
after all

for what have we done
to be ignored by you?

tell me
if one of us
has to live our life without you
the same way
that i’ve had to do

wouldn’t it be more just
if it were HIM
and not us

if you can’t figure this out
and get it right

doesn’t the one
left behind
say more about you
than it does about HIM

you just become
one more burden
one more weight
strung around our neck

in the end we are left
not only to figure out
how to forgive HIM
but now
how to forgive you

you speak of compassion for HIM
when some things are so evil

that if it were even possible
can only be forgiven

ultimately by God

not by you


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