He Is My Hero!

He is my hero!
He did right
with all that they did wrong

He cherished
what they defiled
Held all the broken pieces
in his hands
He lifted up
what they knocked down

He did
what they could never do
He looked into my pain
and cried
a thousand tears

He did not leave
and he is still here

He stayed to face
the wounds inflicted
by countless men
and to carry the weight
they heaped upon my soul

Thank God for him
who knows where I would be
When I want to disappear
he works hard to keep me here

When I drift away
he asks me where I went
He touches my hand
and lets me know
it is OK to stay

I bear the weight
of countless men
but it is my husband
who carries me!

He is my hero!

NOTE: This post was written at the same time as The Hero Of My Story. They were originally written as one. But I realized that I ended up writing this poem in the middle, so I separated them.


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