These Are My Thoughts, These Are My Feelings, This Is My Blog

I am going to share something that has been troubling me for a very long time. Something that has escalated since starting this blog. It may offend some people. But that is not my intentions. This issue is something that is marring and hurting the understanding, and healing, and changes that need to be made in society to deal with the crisis of sexual abuse. These are my [...]



Yesterday after releasing my post, "The Bondage of Freedom," and listening to the song I posted with it, "Foolish Games" several times, I picked up my pen and poetry flowed from within me for the first time regarding my ex-husbsnd. I finally felt some release. The following is the first poem: You can dance around the truth You can deny that I am human too You can deny that I deserved more than you But there is [...]