Did I Disappoint Him?

In my silent life
for all those years
there was a great sadness
through the tears

I wondered if somehow
I was a disappointment
to even God

I had taken
all the talents he has given me
and hidden them safe
so the world could not see

it made me wonder
if somehow
He expected more from me

I finally picked up my pen
I’ve released what has been hidden
deep inside of me
I put my words out there
for all to see

I’ve now done my part
and set it free
and now I hope
and I pray
that finally
He is
proud of me


5 thoughts on “Did I Disappoint Him?

  1. Blue,

    I think you know the answer to your question. To me it is obvious. You have always been this wonderful gemstone. Now that you allow the light to shine on you, you begin to sparkel. What is so special about you is that you are not reflecting the light from your surface, but from deep within. That’s your extraordinary, individual magic.

    Your poem is a wonderful message from your heart and its beauty is the answer to your question.


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    1. Jens, thank you for the artistic grace of your words!

      I haven’t had much face to face contact with others in years (other than my husband). When I do, such as a cashier or waiter / waitress, I always look them in the eyes and smile when I say, “Thank you!”

      The smallest of gestures touch me deeply. One of the most profound, is when I am saying thank you or just walking and someone occasionally looks me in the eyes and smiles gently. I mean really looks into my eyes in a way that makes me feel as though they just looked into my soul and saw something, saw me. And I think, “Okay I do exist!”

      Your words are like that! That somehow you saw my soul, you saw me, I do exist!

      Thank you!

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