Beneath The Wounds

What is this
here I see
beneath the wounds
of cruelty

What is this mess
of loss and grief
of betrayal
and abandonment
cast upon me

Connections severed
loved ones gone
grief and sorrow
never mourned

Layers upon layers
pierced so deep
loss of memories
I could not keep

The heart cannot
absorb the pain
feel each one
so that they don’t remain

Beneath it all
was an innocence
a little girl broken
by weak men
who displayed their strength
through conquering
a fragile soul

Here beneath
the wounds of cruelty
a kind heart pierced
a spirit broken
a life crushed

all rewards of naivete

a childlike faith
a trust in man
all thrown away


6 thoughts on “Beneath The Wounds

  1. Blue,
    to me you are a genius the way you can create pictures of feelings with your poetry. I always feel like being partially dragged into this portrayal of your reality while my reality keeps me from falling. My natural reaction is to create a portrayal of my reality for you and to place this opposing your poem as a sort of counter-weight. Unfortunately I don’t have you genius and I feel a bit helpless.

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    1. If my tears had words, my poetry is the anguish they would speak! I have come to realize that I am grieving through my poetry. I cry every time I read them. The pain still fresh right there on the surface ready to over flow. I spend my life trying to contain it.

      Each poem could fittingly end with the words, “if only.” If only it never happened; if only someone, anyone would have protected me; if only someone, anyone would have cared, if only my life mattered; if only…

      Thank you! As you can see, in the face of my own poetry, I am rendered helpless too!

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