What Is Wrong With Us?


We want perfect parents
yet we are not perfect children

We want perfect children
yet we are imperfect parents

We want a relationship
but when we get it
we fight for our independence

We want to be loved
only and completely
yet we don’t love
only or completely

We want honesty
yet we lie

We want loyalty
but we betray

We want to be number one
but can’t rejoice over
others’ successes or accomplishments
rather we wish it was us
who won the prize

We want our dreams
to come true
while crushing
the dreams of others

We want children
then put them in daycare

We want others to call us
but we never pick up the phone
to call them

We want what we want
and when we get it
we want something else

We want to be heard
yet rarely listen

We want to control everything
and everyone
but don’t want anyone to tell us what to do

We want others to be there for us
but we are too busy
when they really need us

We want to be blessed
while we curse others

We want God to answer our prayers
but we don’t pray for others
or thank Him when He does answer

We want to be rich
but we hate work

We want friends
but are not friendly

We are angry at others
when they hurt us
but never acknowledge
when we hurt them

Men want a woman
to love them
but they can’t stop
wanting other women

Women want all
of their man’s attention
but never stop seeking
the attention of other men

We are jealous
but not faithful

We want forgiveness
yet never forget a wrong

When abused
we want justice
yet never take any responsibility
for our own wrongs

We want love
even when our heart
is filled with hate

We want sympathy
yet we criticize others

We want compassion
even when each friend and foe
are met with bitterness

We want to be remembered
yet we so easily forget
the kindness
and the pain of others

We want to live forever
but barely take time
to fully live
a single day



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