He weaves his web
To catch his prey

The innocent
The vulnerable

Luring each one
With promises
Of healing and hope

The inner child caught
Without protection
With no escape.


6 thoughts on “Deceit

  1. I have this picture in my mind at the end of the poem. A prey wrapped up in sticky threads, paralysed but with its core still alive with a stong will to live and survive.

    … you know what? … your poem is to short … I demand a happy end 🙂

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    1. Always, always keep that in mind when you read my poetry. My poetry is a part of my story, the feelings and emotions that were a result of what happened. My poetry gives a place for all the rage and anger to land and is very therapeutic. I hope you can bear to read it because more is coming.


      1. Blue,

        I hope you did not perceive my comment as being disrespectful. Your poem is (as all your poems are) so clear in its language as a vehicle for your emotions, that this end here fits perfectly. It cannot be any different. It is brilliant in this way. But it leaves me helpless with this ending (probably just like you felt at that moment). … It is not only the written verses that make me ponder, sometimes the unwritten verses are those that leave me restless. I can bear the written words as the create some certainty, some stepping stones. The unwritten words are those that let me lose hold and let the stream wash me away.

        I hope that explains my first comment, Blue.


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        1. I got it completely! I just sometimes feel bad for others to see the pain and needed to let you know that my words in my poetry are capturing what happened inside. I can’t rewrite them differently any more than I could my story. But the fact that I can write them at all and post them here is a testament that I am moving forward. Thank you for caring!


        2. And no I did not take it as being disrespectful, but as your means of encouraging me! I needed to help you see that I would love nothing more than to rewrite it all differently, but I can only speak my truth. And my heart really does feel for those who read and listen!

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