Yesterday after releasing my post, “The Bondage of Freedom,” and listening to the song I posted with it, “Foolish Games” several times, I picked up my pen and poetry flowed from within me for the first time regarding my ex-husband. I finally felt some release. The following is the first poem:

You can dance
around the truth

You can deny
that I am human too

You can deny
that I deserved
more than you

But there is
only one truth
there is not two

Your truth
is filled with
nothing but lies

My truth is filled
with truth
that cannot be denied

For I wear the scars
I carry the wounds
I cried the tears

I was alone

Maybe no one saw
maybe no one knows

It does not change
the fact
that you were cruel

You gave your all
to hurting me

I gave my all
to give to my children
and to you

You could not love
you could not give
you had no heart

Your selfishness
it tore me apart

How dare you still
take from me

My grandchildren
and my family

I have nothing left
you took it all

Do you feel big
when I am small?

I may not have
the connections or devotion
of those who still
do not know your truth

But I have survived
and unlike you
I have a love
a faith
a heart
that while still broken
is no longer
all about you!


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