I cry

Every day I cry

I cry when I wake up

I cry when my cat shows me affection
when she snuggles on my lap

I cry at any kind gesture

I cry when I feel any hint of love

I cry when someone touches me

I cry when I write an email to a friend

I cry when I read an email from a friend

I cry when I text my children

I cry when I write my blog posts

I cry when I read my blog posts

I cry when I reply to a comnent on my blog

I cry as I write this

I cry when I go to sleep

I wake up in the middle of the night crying

I try to eat but I have cried so much
only a little food will do

I cry and I cry
and I cry
but there is no end
to this bottomless pit

How do all of these tears come
from this small frame?

You cannot cry a lifetime
of unshed tears
in a single day
in a month
or a year

So I will cry
and I will cry
and I will cry


9 thoughts on “Tears

        1. Yes, unfortunately I have learned this the hard way. I was imploding before I started this blog. Now I am paying for a lifetime of holding it all in. But at least now it speaks to me, often writes my poetry etc. And it is finally some release from an unbearable pressure.

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  1. I have often wondered what makes us cry. To me it has something to do with perceiving my own helplessness , surrendering to my own emotions in a certain situation, being overwhelmed but allowing these emotions to exist and to express themselves outwardly. I guess the good thing about crying is that we allow our emotions to be there, that we do not deny their existence and find a way to release them. This is good, especially when we were not able to surface these emotions before.

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    1. I use to be terrified of my tears, that if I started they would never stop, and that the pain would be too crushing to face.

      But I have learned to lean into them instead of resisting them. Now I have to believe that they would not come if I could not handle them.

      Also, I have come to realize that you have to go through grief, there is no short cut around it.

      I have not done myself a favor holding it in all these years. Now it is just one big tangled mess!

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