I am not used to
believing in me

My heart
my soul
has felt so much pain
and fear

So much of me
is untouched
by kindness

At any kind gesture
my heart melts
the tears flow
the awareness
of the brokenness
so raw becomes clear

So I weep and I weep
at the very thought
that someone
could possibly care

These are not the messages
I’ve heard in my life
they are unfamiliar
and hard to bear
that someone
could care

It brings my soul
to its knees

It touches
my wounded spirit

It melts
my heart
that aches

The wounds
run deep
the anguish
and grief

A soul
untouched by kindness
is unbearable
to feel

I am not
used to anyone
believing in me

I am not
used to
people who care


4 thoughts on “Untouched

  1. I try to imagine what it must have been like for your soul to have been put on this promising journey of life, but at the same time to have been kept away from all the good experiences it is longing for. In this context, looking back might not be the best choice to make at the moment. Looking forward seems to be the better option. … and for the present, just let the good things happen to you and be touched.

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