Behind The Curtain

steps on stage
curtain drawn

behind the curtain
anguish hiding

audience unknown
poet invisible

no judgement
of all they cannot see

poet’s voice
heard loud and clear

without a sound
they hear
all that you fear

the heart ache
the silence

from the voice
once trying to speak
mouth opened
without a sound

– choked silent –

the spotlight
shone brightly
on a heart
filled with fear

you speak
and you cry
and you scream
from all the silence
held captive

the voice crippled
and silent
from all the years
of a life unlived

a lifetime of silence
finally released
once started

there is no way to know
what images will appear

the words draw the pictures
from unframed years

images too painful
the curtain hides

the poems
are the lyrics
the songs could not sing

the music once empty
fills with rhthym and beat

keeping time
with a soul
struggling to breathe

through each measure
and phrase

a life once unknown
now finally
has a name


2 thoughts on “Behind The Curtain

  1. Two comments:
    1) On the poem itself => you are a master in what you are doing
    2) On its content => there will come the time when the lyrics, the melody, the rhythm and your voice will match again in perfect harmony. … and it is your song that you are singing perfectly …and people will stand quietly and listen to its beauty, its clarity, its truth …because whatever happened, your song has always been a document of your souls struggle in life to live love … and there is never anything wrong with walking such a path.

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