Between Two Worlds

and torn
pieces of me scattered

The loss of memory
the cause
for the pain I feel

The little girl of the past
hidden in me

She owns what I can’t remember
what I can’t see

It’s like being blind
from the inside out

We are linked
by this pain
and fear
– immovable –

The constant discovery
of memories lost
aware of her presence
inside of me

Holding the missing pieces
unknown to me

Our memory we share
through the pain I feel

She holds the memory
– while I hold the fear –

The present
and the past
inside of me

left wondering
what is wrong
with me?

Like missing pieces
of a puzzle
that are not complete
our two worlds
they never meet

She owns the pieces
I can’t see

This confusion
plaguing me

Will I ever know
all of me?

I long to meet her
the little girl
inside of me

Pieces of me divided
between two worlds

I had to fade away
I couldn’t bear to see
I had to survive
some part of me

How did she manage to do
all that she has done for me

All that I can’t remember
yet she can see?

She stayed behind
bearing what I had to flee

Pieces of me scattered
between her and me

The distance between us
breaking me

She owns the pieces
I can’t grasp

Why can’t I remember
why can’t I see
what she can remember
what she can see
all those things
that happened to me?

I long to be in touch
her with me

The constant
of this overwhelming fear

With no explanation
for the way I feel

Lost somewhere
between our two worlds
for all
of me!


2 thoughts on “Between Two Worlds

  1. this is a sad, very sad indeed … but I want to leave a comment of encouragement …

    “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
    by Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

    Liked by 1 person

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