Caught In Fear’s Grip

This constant ebb and flow
like the tide
of a wave
at sea

The emotions flow
into shore
rising to the surface
flowing back to sea

Only to arise again
with the force
of the next wave
that soon returns
inside of me

Caught in fear’s grip

Afraid of what this vast sea
of emotion holds
owning me

My spirit
held captive
by the incredible sea
of emotion
that overpowers me

As an eagle
soaring and free
I’m longing to be
above this force
of pain and fear
gripping me

Like a breeze
of the wind
across the sea
– alone –
– silent –

I can’t breathe

Caught once again
in fear’s grip
of loneliness
that remains
inside of me!


5 thoughts on “Caught In Fear’s Grip

  1. I understand that you feel small in the presence of this vast ocean of emotions, exposed to its unknown forces, “playing” with you as they please. But there is a force beyond all this, a force that is powerful enough to change the course of a all the negative streams and undercurrents that are the source of the dynamics of this ocean that seems so uncontrollable, so unpredictable. This force is your souls desire to experience love in this life.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts, they certainly are something to think about! Yes, I do have a deep desire and need to experience love in this life. And when touched by love, my heart weeps! Oddly enough I just finished writing a poem about this just a few minutes ago! Thank you!

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