God Knew I Needed Her!

(Destiny when she was a baby)

People say cats are not like dogs

While this is true you have never met my cat, Destiny

She is just like a toddler, like a ragdoll

My husband was raised with cats his whole life, and has never seen a cat like her before

She sits for her food

She is waiting by my bedside when I awake in the morning

She follows me around

She begs to be held

She cuddles like a newborn baby

She doesn’t like it when we leave

She is waiting for us when we return home

She touches her nose to mine to give me a kiss

She touches my face with her paw to say, “pet me some more”

She would rather be with humans than alone

She falls asleep in my arms

She comforts me when I am sad

She presses closer against me when I cry

She has shown me more love than most humans could

We found her on the engine of my husband’s car

When we found her she created such a stir

For God knew I neeeded her!


10 thoughts on “God Knew I Needed Her!

  1. My cat is like that too, very “human” and affectionate in his ways, I just came home and he insisted on sitting on my lap instantly. He also has to have half my pillow when we sleep (lol), and comforts me when I’m sad. He went through a phase of an “identity crisis”, when he would refuse to eat anything but food for humans, and refused to drink his water from a bowl. (He would not drink until he got it in a glass..)😄 Love my cat!

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    1. That is adorable! Just as I am writing this, Destiny crawled on my lap and is showering me with love! I couldn’t imagine life without my cats! Thank you for taking the time to comment!


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