Timing Can Be Everything!

When I posted my poem, Irreparable Damage, I used a picture with a quote that referenced a book. My husband was online at the time and ordered the book for me.

The book arrived a few days ago. And when I shared the name of the book with a friend, they Googled the title and discovered a YouTube video of the author discussing the book and sent me the link. My husband and I watched the video and it brought both of us some hope that maybe there are some new discoveries in dealing with trauma that may possibly be an option for me to find help for my deepest struggles that have kept me stuck.

I had lost hope and realized that if my poetry was only going to be a means for
my mourning, I could do that alone here at home. I do not want my blog to be about just the pain and suffering of abuse, but also with a hope for healing and moving forward. I want to share the reality of abuse, and also the hope of recovery.

l’ve been feeling like I hit a wall and could not “see” hope of recovery from my biggest struggle. And just as I was beginning to lose hope, the book arrived, and my friend shared the video that changed all of this for me.

I plan to read the book to understand better what options are available and then decide what will be best for me. If it requires seeing someone, my husband said he would go with me so that I will be safe this time, even if I don’t feel safe. What really gave me hope is that the author presents options that do not involve drugs or endless therapy.

I don’t remember a time in my life when I have not been afraid, or sad, or lonely, or disconnected from life, as though something was wrong with me.

The reality that what has happened to me has changed the way my brain works, is evident in my life. Now I at least have a means to discover a plan that may help me to find a path to a deeper healing than I thought possible. While it all may take time, I at least have hope and know there are options I was not aware of before.

I don’t agree with all of the author’s conclusions, but I do believe he has discovered some valuable tools for helping those suffering from trauma. And I believe he has a kind and compassionate heart for those who are hurting and need help in a system that is failing many in its approach.

I hope the following book and video will be helpful to those who feel stuck in their healing. And also, to those who want to learn and understand more about the human mind and how it works. This information can really help all of us.

The book: The Body Keeps The Score; Brain, Mind, And Body In The Healing Of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.

Video: Dr. Kolk speaks about his work and the book (it is a long video, but well worth watching)


10 thoughts on “Timing Can Be Everything!

    1. I think it will and it has brought me some hope. Having someone describe and understand what is happening to you can be powerful in itself. And yes, the expressing of the pain is part of it. Thank you for your support!

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    1. While comforting, it is also sad that you can relate! And it is so hard to admit much less talk about. And we tend to keep the worst of it to ourselves for fear others will not understand.

      I am realizing that I have not faced or yet fully realized what has happened to me in its entirety. And at the heart of that is anxiety without a name. As if I have not yet let myself know my “full and complete” story. And it sounds like you can probably relate to that too. I am truly sorry you can relate! I do thank you for sharing your struggle with me, it means a lot to know when someone else really understands.

      If you have been struggling a long time and feel stuck and helpless, you may want to read the book and listen to the video.

      There is a chance it could be helpful to you. I am currently reading the book now. There are some new discoveries discussed in this book and in the video for overcoming trauma that keeps us stuck.

      Again, thank you so much for all that you have shared with me. I truly am touched and grateful! I want us both to find hope and healing!


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