the rain kept falling

as the tumultuous waters
upon the sea
were crashing violently

the tiny life boat
only had one oar

and could never
quite make it
back to shore

the storm continued
the raging wind blew
it was such a dangerous
place to be

the life boat
began to fill
with the sea

the small bucket
filled with too many holes
couldn’t save the soul
out in the darkness

in the bitter cold
completely exposed
and helpless

the darkness was deep
the silence thick

mouth opened
yet never a sound
was heard

filled with fear
and despair
nobody was there

the lighthouse was dark

a ship came
but passed on by

the helicopter
just waved goodbye

the food
was gone

there was nothing
left to eat

and no way
to quench the thirst

a shark
shredded to pieces
what little was left
of the helpless boat

barely escaping
the final blow

the fragile soul
left for dead
with no one around
to even know

struggling and struggling
just to stay a float

the sun
when it finally appeared
felt more like sin

so blinding
it was hard to see
the burning heat
just scorching her skin

there was no way
for her
to ever win


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