Would You Love Me Still?

Would you accept me
if you could see
all of my pain

Would you love me
if you knew my soul
was bound by chains

If you really knew me
would you love me still?

Could you bear
to hear all
of my hearts cry

Could you face
the rage and depth of turmoil
inflicted upon my soul
that reaches to the sky


Do you require
the edited version

The one that makes
you feel okay
with all that is wrong with me

If you really knew me
would you love me still?

Would you stay
if you knew
all my hopes and dreams
were lost somewhere
in the past

Would you love me
even if we didn’t know
how long the pain will last

If you really knew me
would you love me still?

Would you love me
if you knew
my heart was filled
with shame and sorrow
that nobody knew

Would you still love me
if it required something
more of you

If you really knew me
would you love me still?


13 thoughts on “Would You Love Me Still?

  1. To love another person is to see the face of God.
    —Victor Hugo

    What is love?
    Let me give you an example:
    Some people say, I love this house because it is band new. It has a beautiful, modern fascade and it has been designed to the latest fashion. Everything inside is perfect, all installatins are not only working but are perfectly matching with eachother, the furniture, the flooring, the interior design. … and the garden… everything has been newly planted and arranged by a landscape gardener.They say, I love this house because I will not have to invest any time in repairs or renovation for the next 10 years. Everything in it is almost unused. People admire me for owning such a house.

    I love my house, because it is old. There have been other people living in it before. They have been real life people, raising their children in it. And the story the house can tell of them, is one of normal people, of fear, hopes, love, pain, hard work, struggle, lots of dreams, laughter and joy. When we moved in, the house was in a desolate condition. The owner has moved out years ago, because he has become sick. His children have grown up and have found jobs in other cities. You could see the house was suffering from the absence of people living in it. It was deteriorating and every single part of it was crying out for maintenance. We moved in because we saw its potential for us as a family. So all of us began renovating the house, filling it with our lives and our stories our love. There are only very few things in the house that have been left untouched, so we know it quite well. We know all about its deficites but also about its advantages and living in it requires aconstant interaction with it, in terms of continuous maintenance and care. We love the house because it is used and it is allowing us to fully use it without constant fear that its shiny fascade might be suffering from its use or that rearranging its interior “design” (lol) might result in a mismatch. We take care of it and it takes care of us, giving us shelter and warmth and the room to live our lives. I love my house because it is real, it is made for real living of real people in a real world. It is not a villa, built or representation purposes to pretend something that is not actually there.

    Of course people can fall in love with a fascade of a house and believe they love the house. But to really love a house means to live in it, to fill it with life, to maintain it, to care for it. to invest in it.


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    1. Thank you Jens! That was lovely! And I understand what it means, what you are trying to say. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness! There is value even in brokeness, with all the scars, the story of a real life that is not perfect…

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