Sorrow Came

Sorrow came without warning
it broke through
the innocence of childhood
had no regard for life
it stole trust
and wounded faith
laid fear forcefully upon my soul

Sorrow came with silence for a song
filled with tears that could not flow
frozen still
without shape or form
a prisoner of regret and shame

Sorrow had a face but not a name
darkness fell without a night
pain and anguish without end
all of my tomorrows bound by chains

Death would have been kinder

Sorrow came and left its grip
life without breath
without a voice
holding joy hostage

Sorrow came without compassion
the enemy of love tore down the fortress
that held childhood dreams and wonder

Sorrow came and served up fear
safety passing through
my fingers like sand

Sorrow came on the wings of familiarity
filled with deceit
and captivity

Sorrow came before time began
holding heartache and grief
as a sacrifice for dreams

Sorrow came leaving its mark
with burning coals upon my soul
by countless men

Without end
sorrow came…


4 thoughts on “Sorrow Came

    1. The sorrow is what surfaces and lingers… and seems to have its voice in my poetry. A release that comforts the soul, as I am sure you can relate to. You are an inspiration to me! Thank you Lynz!


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