What I Wish You Knew

I wish you knew
there aren’t enough words
to satisfy or fulfill
the depth of pain
inside a wounded soul

We try and we try
to find relief
we write and we draw
and even try
rhyme and verse

But our souls
still continue to bleed
because of the hands
of those that are cursed

With each word
and expression
of agony
our hearts try
to relieve some misery

I wish you knew
that the message
is not that we
have given up

But rather
that we are trying
to wake you up!

is the cry
the message
of our pleading hearts

In silence and captivity
is where everything happened
that your eyes could not see
your ears could not hear

You ask us
to be brave
to be stronger still

Our hearts
cry and ask
the same
if you will too

Are you brave enough
to face the reality
of all that is true?

Can you be strong enough
to face the painful truth?

That the voices
of each and every victim
are evidence
of milllions and millions
of countless
evil men!

Are you brave enough
to listen and read
to just sit with it
to feel the truth
of our hearts cry
without a need
to ask us why
or to wish
that we would say
more joyful things
when this is our truth
the music
our hearts sing

We cry out
we need you!

We cannot
do this alone

I wish you knew
how much we need you
and your courage

We are brave enough
to speak our truth

So the question is:

Can you be brave
and have courage too?


21 thoughts on “What I Wish You Knew

  1. Yes yes yes. this resonates very strongly with what I am feeling today. I feel really bad and want help but I can’t express it and am just pushing people away. I feel angry yet guilty that I am not being my usual smiley self. Your poem captures it perfectly, we are brave warriors yet it seems the world is not ready for truth and ugly.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I am sorry you are having a bad day! Thank you for taking the time to comment and for sharing your thoughts. It would be so much easier if our struggle was not seen as something negative, but rather apart of healing. It means a lot when we at least “get” each other. I hear you! And I wish you the best!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes, I can see where this is your hearts cry right now! You are supported. There are many of us who really understand the pain and anguish you are experiencing. I just wish we could lift you out of this horrible situation. Remind yourself that what this person is doing defines them, not you!


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