My youngest son married a woman from Peru, which is where they are living. I met my daughter-in-law last February for the first time. The moment we met, an incredible connection happened between us. It transcended our language and cultural barriers. Without words, our love and connection was palpable.

We had a wonderful time with them. They were a delight to see together and to be with.

I already have a close relationship with my son. To now have this connection with his wife is wonderful! I adore her! I couldn’t love her more if she were my own daughter. She truly is a blessing and a wonderful addition to our family.

She understands English a little, better than I do Spanish. We used the Google Translate App to communicate. And during  every conversation we all had together, we would tell my son to explain to her what we were talking about so she could feel a part of all of our conversations. That was all great, but it is frustrating and sad to love someone so much and struggle to communicate with them.

My husband has been trying to encourage me to learn Spanish ever since they got married. It isn’t that I don’t want to, or that I haven’t tried, it just seems hard. I think I am too methodical in my approach to learning and need structure. So my husband found a class for me to take and I agreed. I am going to start my first Spanish class in just a few weeks. I am excited to learn Spanish and it would be amazing to be able to speak to her freely.

I do know how to say a few words in Spanish such as house, eggs, etc. But the following is about the limit of my conversational Spanish:

Hola = Hi, hello, hey there
Como estas? = How are you?
Muy bien = Very good
Gracias = Thank you, Thanks
Te adoro = I adore you
No entiendo = I do not understand

Learning to play the drums and read sheet music felt like learning a new language. I think this made me a little resistant. I wondered if I could do this too. But I will! Both my husband and a friend told me that maybe I will even some day write poetry in Spanish! If I do, I promise to translate it for you!


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        1. Si-I want to share a quick story with you. Part of my heritage is paternal l00% Greek. My Grandparents would only allow anything but Greek spoken in their household (Old School) so we learned the language. My interest in languages started at a young age. Self-teaching is difficult and yes you can attend classes but I want to remind you that each region of any Country has different dialect. For example In Greece Athens -vs- Crete the dialects differ. In Espanol Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and all South American Countries the dialects vary as well. As long as you know the basics and continue to communicate with your DIL you will be fine. Every now and then my Father will speak in Greek to me just to remind me not to forget! LOL

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        2. Thank you so much for this. My son taught himself Spanish and then became more fluent through total immersion into the Spanish culture in Peru. My husband understands the Spanish language (basics) and can speak it some. As I learn, he will learn with me so that we can speak Spanish together. That should be helpful!

          Thank you for sharing this lovely story! I appreciate it so much! Does this mean you can speak three languages?

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        3. Actually, to extrapolate my Mother is half Italian/French she speaks French, Italian and English; when my parents married my Father has a large Greek family he is one of 8 children. So the Sunday meals were always at his parents. After several years my Mother got tired of everyone speaking Greek and she picked up on it quickly. One day the 4 sisters (of my Father) were speaking and said something my Mom did not like and she answered them in Greek-LOL that stopped them in their tracks. Mother is still fluent in all languages mentioned. I am fluent in Greek, Italian, French, Spanish and English. Languages are wonderful- different yet alike. Many foreigners say that English is much harder to learn?!

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        4. Wow! I am impressed! What you shared about your mother is priceless! And it encourages me a lot.

          The other reason all that you shared means so much to me, is that I have been thinking once I learn Spanish I would like to learn German. But I didn’t know if that was too lofty of a goal. You give me lots of hope! I really appreciate you Cheryl! Gracias!

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        1. Sí, con la ayuda del Traductor de Google! Pero he aprendido algunas palabras nuevas a partir de estos comentarios! Algún día pronto voy a estar haciendo esto por mi cuenta!


  1. That’s awesome! I learnt Spanish and French way back in school but unfortunately have forgotten most of it. It’s great that you’re learning a new language. I think it’s freeing especially when you’re doing it out of love for your daughter in law. Good luck 🙂

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  2. You can do it! Last year I was going to learn Spanish and started using Duolingo. It is a good program and I did it for about 4 months, then I became busy with other life stuff and now it is a year later. Anyway, take a look at duolingo.com and it may be helpful for you while taking your class. Good luck, keep us informed! Happy day to you! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I too have the Duolingo app and have used it some, but not consistent enough. My daughter-in-law is using it to help her with learning English. She has sent me a few messages in English! I am hoping the commitment of taking a class will get me further quicker. Thanks for the reminder, it probably will come in handy! I hope you have a wonderful day too!

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    1. I have not been there yet. But from pictures and from what my son has shared with me, it does seem like a wonderful place to visit. Maybe someday soon! And yes, learning Spanish will be an exciting accomplishment! Thank you!

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