I fell into your trap
used and abused
by you

I fell out of your trap
when you were through

I loved you
for as long as I can remember
a little girl
the light of her father’s eyes

When you left suddenly
that day
when you were no more

I fell into sorrow
and regret
so much pain
I can’t forget
I loved you more
than you’ll ever know

I fell in love with you
at seventeen
so young and innocent
with each act of cruelty
my love for you
crumbled too

I cared for you
you symbolized
faith and trust

You didn’t care
what I needed
your wants and desires
destroyed my faith
and trust of you

I fell farther
and farther
and farther away

You were the one
to make things right
after years
of trust and connection
you pushed me over
the final cliff

I fell so fast
a free fall
that would last
and last

Always falling
from the hands of those
careless and evil
and relentless
in the face of my sorrow
they didn’t flinch

They held nothing back
to take away
what little there was left
to take of me

Falling and falling
always falling
love and falling
trust and falling
belief and falling

Falling from all the arms
and hearts of those
who were instead
supposed to be
safe and giving life
and vision
their hearts were the weapon
of my destruction

always falling
falling into their trap
no escape

Falling into love

They were careless
and cruel

Falling into trust’s
wicked scheme

always falling

Falling into safety
and security

Falling into connection
and possibility

always falling

With nobody
to catch me

A body so small
caught in a trap
without a scream
or cry
I couldn’t move

Who was this monster
who captured me

No tears could fall
no words said
so frightened
and all alone

Frozen still
I could not move
boundaries gone
“no” didn’t mean a thing

Just be silent
and still
and take it
no one was looking
and no one cared

I was all alone
caught in his trap
when finally released
my shell of a being
crawled away
but left behind
frozen and still
my voice
my hopes
and my dreams
a life that could have been

always falling
falling into abuse

always falling
being thrown out of abuse

Free falling

Falling into love’s abuse

years of falling
escaping love’s abuse

Free falling

always falling
falling into faith’s abuse

always falling
side swiped
and spinning

always falling
thrown out of faith’s trap

Free falling

always falling
falling into trust’s trap
years of falling
used and abused
barely escaped

Free falling

Falling and falling

Falling in and out
of love
and faith
and trust
and connection
falling and falling

Free falling

With no one
to break the fall
always falling

Free falling


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