The Power Of Friendship

I once was lost
but now I am found
was lost until
you came around

I once was broken
beyond repair
until you came
and loved me
in my despair

I once felt rejected
and unlovable
but then you chose
to be my friend
and showed me kindness
with determination
that seems to have no end

I once felt disconnected
from life itself
then you showed up
and taught me
how to love myself

I didn’t know
what healing would look like
or how to be free
until you came
and loved
the fear out of me!


17 thoughts on “The Power Of Friendship

        1. …and keeping your heart open! Keeping your heart open is the hardest part. And you may not be able to now, but hopefully at the right time you will once the right person comes along who will love you through your fears. I NEVER thought this was possible. But with an AMAZING friend it can be! My heart is overflowing with gratitude! And I truly do wish the same for you!


        2. Well it probably won’t happen without an ongoing struggle and a great man. I struggled greatly for years to have my husband in my life and he is wonderful. I didn’t think I could trust a close friend until a great friend came along. I mean trusting your heart with someone who is really going to be there for you. The impossible can happen and love is the only thing that can ultimately heal us: love of ourselves and the love of others.

          I had resigned myself to the fact that I could not, and didn’t even want to, trust another human being. If people I knew and loved could hurt me, I didn’t want to find out what a stranger was capable of. But miracles can and do happen!


        3. I have heard that over and over and I always laugh and say “he’ll have to fall through my ceiling.” I just don’t want to get out and do anything. You would think after ten years, it would be getting a little easier but it seems to be getting harder. It’s just not worth the effort. I try to make myself get out and all I can think is “I can’t wait to get back home and shut myself up again.” Nuts…I know.

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        4. I get what you are saying. We have lived in isolation without family or friends for years. And I went for a long period of time unable to leave my house and then not without a lot of fear. I gave up trying too! It is when I gave up that the right friend came into my life. I still struggle with going out and don’t do it very often. Taking this Spanish class will be interesting! I am already hoping I can sit far enough away from other people. I really do get what you are feeling. But there is hope is the message.


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