The Hallways Of My Mind

As I walk through the hallways
of my mind
I see shadows of lost dreams
Heartaches and misery

Each room filled with memories
Many I never knew
Because of the pain
they put me through

Some memories I wish I could forget
So many memories filled with regret

Many rooms with locked doors
But they are my rooms, not yours
Somewhere in these locked rooms
Is a little girl that I am looking for

Rooms filled with sorrows
and unshed tears
Images too painful I had to flee
So much desperation felt inside of me

I could not find the Lost And Found

Behind each locked door
I saw them all here before
They filled those locked rooms
with too much pain
My fears are all so misunderstood
The keys are hidden somewhere now
on my hearts shore

I walked through the hallways
of my mind
Looking desperately, but I felt blind
Filled with sadness and sorrow
of a little girl I could not find
She was left somewhere behind!


21 thoughts on “The Hallways Of My Mind

  1. Hello
    I loved your poem, brilliant expression of your inner child X

    I also wanted to ask about your photo/artwork. I’m looking for pictures exactly like that? Can you share where you got the artwork from please.

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      1. Is that how we can use the images. I’ve been trailing through loads of the sites which ask for about £20 a month for hundreds of downloads! I don’t need many, I just want my posts to look a bit more polished.

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      1. I’m familiar with that song as well as the haunting rendition of “the first time ever I saw your face.”
        It is funny, isn’t it…how reading others’ posts can trigger a song…or a written word can inspire your own post.My children couldn’t stand to listen to my IPOD. They said “all the songs are just so sad.” I guess that’s where my mind was when I loaded it. 😦

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        1. Yes it is! Sometimes we process our emotions through music. I went for years avoiding music because it makes me cry. I realize now it would have been better to get the emotions out.


        2. I want you to know that is why I avoided crying. It really isn’t a good strategy. I am paying for it now. It helps alleviate some of the pressure and can help you process your feelings. I have had some of my biggest revelations through allowing myself to cry. And we may cry forever, but not all at one time.


        3. What a great line…”we may cry forever but not all at one time.” I figure someday, it may just start flowing. Right now, I’m just so sensitive to the fact that somebody will know…or see. Childhood repercussions, I imagine 😦

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  2. Oh my God I’m at work reading your words trying not to cry. They are so profound and clearly I have my own little girl looking for a way out. This was so powerful.

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    1. I don’t really know what to say! It is powerful when someone can relate, but sad at the same time. This is nothing you would wish for anyone!!! My heart goes out to you! Thank you for taking the time to read and share your thoughts. I am glad to meet you!


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