Light Found The Key

Light shined into the darkness It clung to despair Courageously it rode each storm It remained through the terror It conquered the relentless darkness That invaded each day Light stayed When friends and family disappeared It held grief in the palm of its hands It stared death in the face As it clung to the frozen snow It drew [...]


I Might Have Survived You

The other day, I found a folder with poems I wrote during and after experiencing therapist abuse. They express some of my pain and internal struggle. I will publish several of them. The following is the first one: I might have survived you if it weren't for all those years of sexual abuse by my brother-in-law as a child I might have survived you if it weren't for the betrayal of my mother who [...]

Therapist Abuse

For my final post on therapist abuse, I want to share the following links which contain some very helpful articles and resources: Is There Something Wrong or Questionable in Your Treatment: TELL Therapy Exploitation Link Line, for a list of further articles and resources: Sexual and Other Ethical Boundary Violations in Psychotherapy: The … Continue reading Therapist Abuse

Therapist Boundary Violations — Warning Signs of Potential Therapist Abuse

The following article is from When Therapy Harms with permission from the author. Boundary violations are violations of the law or of the licensing board’s Code of Ethics. They are generally believed to cause harm or the potential for harm. Some boundary violations are crimes, others are against eth.ical standards. As a client, the terms ‘therapist abuse’, ‘therapist misconduct’, and ‘boundary violations’ are foreign concepts unless [...]