We Are Worth It!

We may be broken
But we are both strong and weak
We laugh and we cry
We dream and we create

Like a weeping willow tree
That grows strong on a river bank
Whose cloak sways in the wind
And whose limbs sing and rejoice
And yet buried deep, deep in the earth
Its roots hold all the mystery
Of the secrets of its past

We long to drink up hope
For our tears have filled a river
And still our pain is disguised in its beauty

We struggle to be heard
To be known

When often it feels as though
Those around us
Don’t want to hear the truth
They want to hear a different story
Any story
But our truth

And so our souls run to the safety
Of the trees in our forest
Whose limbs sway in the wind
With a melody that sings our hearts cry
Of a cutting sadness
In the awareness
That the truth hidden deep, deep
In the shadows of our soul
Must also continue to hide

We must find solace in our solitude

Maybe the wind will listen
And carry off the sounds
Of our hearts cry to the world
In the form of a song or a poem
Without a name or a face
But rather with the emotion and grace
Of a life clinging to an untold truth

The mystery lies
Not in advice given
But rather in questions asked

Can someone
Just walk beside us and listen?

There is a truth to be told
A wisdom to be heard
A life to be redeemed from the darkness
Loved into the light
Resurrected from the dead

We don’t struggle
From a lack of knowing what to do
But rather from an aching of the soul
That sets our hearts and lives on fire

We retreat and withdraw
Our hearts close up
In the presence of a lecture

We don’t need instructions
For someone else
Has already rewritten the rule book

We need to be heard
To be held
We need to be able to be

For we are both strong and weak
We laugh and we cry
We dream and we create

We may be broken
But we are worth loving
And being heard
And we are worth knowing

… is anybody there?


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