Therapist Abuse

For my final post on therapist abuse, I want to share the following links which contain some very helpful articles and resources:

Is There Something Wrong or Questionable in Your Treatment:

TELL Therapy Exploitation Link Line, for a list of further articles and resources:

Sexual and Other Ethical Boundary Violations in Psychotherapy: The Victim’s Perspective:

What Is Therapist Abuse?

Sex Between Therapists and Clients:



6 thoughts on “Therapist Abuse

  1. Your series of posts on therapist is extremely useful esp in the context if India where its considered a taboo to visit psychiatrist esp in smaller cities leave alone having awareness on abuse by one !

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    1. You are welcome! It is awful to trust someone professional without the awareness of the possible danger. This does not even cross most peoples’ mind. And being abused by a therapist is not the way anyone should discover this possibility!

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