Light Found The Key

I wrote the following poem yesterday

Light shined into the darkness
It clung to despair
Courageously it rode each storm
It remained through the terror
It conquered the relentless darkness
That invaded each day

Light stayed
When friends and family disappeared
It held grief in the palm of its hands
It stared death in the face
As it clung to the frozen snow
It drew heartache close to its breast

Light was determined
When evil clenched its fist in defiance
It wrestled through darkness
It conquered lies

Light was victorious
It cut through each act of cruelty

Light stripped down each brick
That tried to build the wall
It painted each blood stained room white
Over and over again
It bathed the dirt that clung to flesh
It showered evil with purity
It refused to ever give in
It refused to ever give up

Light encompassed heartache
It rode through the tumultuous waves
It surfed every tide
It carried death to its grave
It buried fears and conquered hate

Light was brave
It never buckled
It never broke
Light showed up whenever darkness fell

It walked each valley
It crawled its way over every mountain
It scoffed at defeat
It clung to hope

Light was tender
Through each act of cruelty
At the hands of souless men
It drank up tears
It pushed through disbelief
It fell humbly into anger and rage
And never judged their beliefs

Light came when all else was gone
It carried hope tenderly
And laid it gently upon every despair

It refused to give up its sword
It cut through the blackness
Of humiliation and shame
It never lost its way
Even when memories had to flee

Light rewrote the script
With every doubt
With every lie
The feather kept dipping into the inkwell
It left its watermark on every page

Light even believes in a future
That still remains untold

Light rained love into the parched desert
It melted every inch of snow
When the blizzards came

Light shown
Even when the sun refused to shine
And when every star fell from the sky
It dreamed where no sleep was found

Light was a constant friend
When enemies surrounded innocence
It never flinched in the face of fear
It clung to the fragileness
Of the thin strand that carried hope

Light spoke into the silence
It wrote long after the lyrics died
It sang poetry into the night
When the story was too painful to tell
And the words refused to touch the page

Light never lost hope
When the screams were so loud
That they pierced deep into the soul
And shattered
The blood vessels in both eyes

Light looked into the mirror
And saw beauty even in the doubt
It delivered grace over and over again
Into a mother’s empty arms

Light sank deep into the endless grief
It had no fear of the despair
It flew tenderly over every shadow
That clung to each tear

Light tenderly kissed
The lavender crocheted booties
That sat helplessly on the mantle

It grieved for another child lost

Light rode high on each cloud
Of unlived dreams
It never left heartache alone in its cage
It searched far and wide for the key

It searched to the depth of the sea
Down deep into every valley
High upon the mountain tops
Through every galaxy
There was no other remedy

Light found the key in love

Light and love deliver courage
They are relentless inside this shell
They pour themselves into emptiness
They specialize in brokeness
They sit patiently together
Outside the door of every closed heart

Light and love arrive always
On the wings of honesty
They come at unexpected times
In unexpected ways

When blinded by grief
They are the eyes that still see
When all hope is lost
They are the truth that sets us free


11 thoughts on “Light Found The Key

  1. … a truly beautiful and wise poem, Blue.
    Some thought I found on light and darkness …

    “The sun does not abandon the moon to darkness.”
    by Brian A. McBride

    “Darkness is a natural fear, one that takes the things you love most, the most valuable innocence, and turns them against you. The struggle is to see past the illusions, and see the light in your fear.”
    by unknown

    “For every item that carries the darkness of humanity there’s one that holds the light. And that light is worth believing in. Not just in others, but in yourself as well.”
    by C.M. Rayne

    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “The sun does not abandon the moon to darkness.”… I love this! It captures the whole poem in one phrase, as light never abandons us in our sorrow either. We just have to be able to see it, to open up our hearts to it. And surrender everything we thought we knew to the truth it brings… And to the love it always carries on its wings!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Rob, there is no way for me to fully express my gratitude to you! This is very touching in more ways than you know! As I am sure you experience as well, our art is bitter sweet! For many of us it is the only “justice” there is! So, thank you so very much for your kindness!

      Liked by 1 person

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