When Tears Fall

When tears fall
Sometimes they well up from nowhere
Out of the blue
They have a message to tell
They have a story too

Tears speak when words will never do
They come from deep inside
From places without pride
Places where lost memories hide

When tears fall they teach history lessons
Of lost dreams
Of all the heartache and pain
They know each date and time
They remember every person
Who tried to steal hope
Who started wars and left us for dead

When tears fall
They speak truths about evil
And the hell it put us through
They know who the guilty are
They grieve for the innocence lost

Tears fall from places
Where secrets are kept locked up inside
They seek to rock the pillars
To stir up revivals deep within our soul
When somewhere along the way we died
They try to wake us up to the truths
That if left untouched remain denied

When tears fall
They release the pressure
So that we don’t implode
They hold all the messages
Of our heart and soul

When tears fall
They express their love and desire
To set us free
They want so much
To take away the pain and agony
From all the times
When we opened our mouths to scream
But nothing came
When we were so afraid to move
Left frozen still in time

They are ready to rescue our heart
When it stands on the brink of despair
While they make us feel vulnerable
They keep us real

Tears are the compassion that never came
They are the arms that never held us
They know us well and yet love us still

Tears are always on their knees
With face crushed against the floor
They know our every fear
What cripples us inside

When tears fall
Out of the darkness they call
You are only human after all


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