Come Back To Me

Come, come back home
I have waited for you
through all the sorrow and grief

Heartache blinded the love
trapped it in fear

Come, come back home

Love me again
I’ve been waiting so long
for you to see
I need you here with me

When you were crippled
with fear and had to flee
I stayed behind
so you didn’t have to see

Please, please come back
come back home again to me

The coast is clear
danger left long ago
I have been waiting for you
to realize I am everything
you have been looking for
I am everything
and so much more
I am what they stole from you
I am the one you need
we can finally be whole

Please love me again
the way we used to be
when we were one together
living life carefree

When you are disconnected
from yourself…
how can you ever feel
connected to anything
or anyone else?

So, please, please
come back to me

I need you
I need you now to protect me
these small hands
constantly tugging at your heart
have been waiting too long
all these years fear kept us a part

I have been here for you tenderly
you have been looking for love
all the while I never went away
I am still here waiting patiently

I know you have been lonely
and filled with despair
while others’ were never there
and abandoned you
I have always been here
I never left you

We have been lost for so long
they hurt us so much
frightened us so
but you have forgotten
what it was like before the abuse
they divided and conquered
our very self
abuse separated us from each other
it tore us a part

You will never really feel loved
until you return back home to me
together we can be everything
that you want to be


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