Like The Wind

I once read that trees and plants need the wind. It stimulates their growth. Without the wind, there would be no movement. It is the wind that "awakens" the plants, so to speak, and encourages their growth. It has been windy here the past few days. And as I sat on my patio watching the tree limbs, vegetable plants and flowers swaying in the wind, I began to wonder. What if [...]


Afraid To Be Me

I had a revelation a few days ago! I was talking to a friend and the words just came out. Something I had never thought about or said before. The conversation just continued. I didn't realize until later what I had actually said or [...]

Window Of My Soul

(The following is something I wrote a while ago) As I look through the window of my soul, it gives rise to the emotion that lies within, longing, ever longing to find expression in the world, a place to be A world that presses me down, crushing, claiming my gentle spirit I've been lost for so long [...]

They Are Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

I used to think that a psychopath / sociopath is someone who is a serial killer. But the truth is, most are not. Most psychopaths live among us, appearing normal just like the rest of us. They not only look normal, they are often charming and have qualities most of us admire. For instance, [...]