Silent Sufferers

~Author Unknown


10 thoughts on “Silent Sufferers

  1. That is sad! Why is it that it seems that we are no longer touched by the sufferings of others? Because, I think, on a very personal level we still are. Maybe it is because we have dveloped a culture of looking away, of not letting things into our lives. Maybe we do that because we think that others will take care … like the society has institutions for everything … In the end, help will always take place on an individual level. We may donate for charities or pay taxes but in the end it always takes a human being to take someone who suffers into the arms an to give comfort, support and love to the other to overcome the sufferings. If we keep our eyes and hearts open we might perceive this cry for help and that this cry for help was meant to reach us personally. That it was our opportunity.

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  2. I would like to believe that caring and loving people is still not an endangered species in this world this time.Probably too few are taught how to. I realized the wounds we have in our life are there for us to be able to learn and to teach how to care for each other. Everything happens for something. The person who could understand better the wiring of a sexually abuse a child is no other than the one who have gone through the same. I hope when someone yearns to reach out, they will find us here. Thank you for your post!

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