They Are Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

I used to think that a psychopath / sociopath is someone who is a serial killer. But the truth is, most are not. Most psychopaths live among us, appearing normal just like the rest of us.

They not only look normal, they are often charming and have qualities most of us admire. For instance, they are risk takers. They don’t follow the rules. So they appear to have more courage than the rest of us. They are willing to do things most of us are afraid of doing because they don’t have the same fears we have.

Psychopaths also don’t have the ability to feel love or a connection to others. They are heartless.

But they are not that easy to detect. They have too many extraordinary qualities that enamor us. And unless you are their designated and targeted victim, it is hard to believe this to be true of them.

They have too many “good” qualities. And this makes them even more dangerous to society. For one, victims of psychopaths are more often than not left on their own when victimized by a psychopath. They are usually abandoned by mutual friends and family through the influence of the psychopath. They just have way too much power over those in their circle of influence. They are that believable.

I have done extensive reading about psychopaths and have read that even trained psychologists who know they are dealing with a psychopath, can get taken by them. We just don’t have the capacity to even think like they do. They are always at least one step ahead of everyone else around them.

They know how to step into your life, do their damage, and when they are through with you or you are no longer of any value to them, escape unscathed. Even worse than that, getting others to support them and influencing others to turn against their victims. It really is devastating the destruction they leave in their path. And the lack of consequences they experience.

“They live in a human body, but they are not human.” This is a quote I read in reference to psychopaths. Many people think they can “handle” psychopaths, to their own demise. If you have a psychopath in your life, you are being used by, abused by, or at the very least, being influenced by them whether you are aware of it or not. We are all their pawns. Yes, they have that much power.

Many psychopaths are intelligent, gifted, and successful in life. Many run corporations, the media, are government officials, and even lead countries. They are artists, musicians, actors, singers, etc. Many are in our place of work, in the car beside us or behind us when we are driving.

Some of us live with them, and many of us have had the misfortune of being married to one. If you ever are able to free yourself from them, they even have the power to turn your children against you. And they do it all the time because it isn’t enough to hurt you, to humiliate you, to abuse you, their end goal is to destroy you!

They don’t want to kill you, they want to see you suffer. It is what brings them joy. And when they can make others abandon you too, all the better. If your life has ever been entangled with a psychopath, it will never be the same. Never! They are that powerful.

They don’t have a conscious. They don’t feel bad the way a normal person does. Everyone around them are just objects, a means to their own end. They use people and dispose of them without remorse.

Do they show emotions? Yes! They are actors and actresses. They learn how to behave by watching others’ responses and practicing those responses to try to appear normal. Because they are not normal, their reactions are often shallow or over done.

We often feel something isn’t quite right with them, but their charm and “good” qualities throw us off. We can never quite put our finger on it. If we are not their targeted victim, but a “worker bee” for them, life with them can seem great, really great. They often use people to harm others, sometimes without their knowledge. Yes, they are that powerful.

And while they are powerful in all these evil and negative ways, they are actually the weakest most cowardly among us. They have no power to love, to show real compassion, to bring any amount of real comfort or healing to this world. They are pathetic, useless, poor excuses of human life. They are dangerous to us all.

Since I have learned about psychopaths, after living with and being harmed by several in my life, it has made me think about a lot of things relating to society as a whole. Psychopaths have been around since the beginning of time. This has made me wonder how much they have influenced even whole societies throughout history. I wonder how much of history and our present has been influenced by psychopaths.

If you think about it, it makes a lot of history make sense. It makes a lot of the evil we see in the world today make sense. We have all probably been influenced by psychopaths in ways we are unaware of. Their ability to influence is super-human.

And anyone who has been taken by one, is left horrified by the amount of influence they have over others. I am not saying everything bad is driven by psychopaths, but that possibly far more evil is driven by them than we are aware of.

One quality of a psychopath that I have observed, is that of an unusual generosity. This is a positive quality if you are the receiver of their generosity or just an observer. It makes them appear gracious and kind.

I remember admiring this quality in at least two of the psychopaths I have had in my life. But something always felt off with them. At the time, I didn’t know anything about psychopaths. And what I thought I knew of them would have never made me even begin to suspect them as being one.

They had this extraordinary way of convincing others to do things for them or give them things or money, while making the person feel really good about themselves while being taken. It really was amazing to watch now that I look back with hindsight. I am not exaggerating this in any way.

I have witnessed them wanting to paint their house for instance. And just in the way they would mention it to someone, the next thing you know, that person would be giving them the money to paint their house. I witnessed this with fixing their car on multiple occasions, buying them clothes, taking a vacation, paying for their meal at a restaurant, or buying them appliances when they broke down. All the while being so charming and delightful. They made you feel so special while they were taking advantage of you.

They are a real piece of work. Many of you are probably being taken by someone right now without even being aware of it. They are probably delightful friends or family members. Many of you don’t even question it or have any idea. I watched this happen over and over again with a multitude of different unsuspecting people. Most are still unaware they were even taken by them.

While they used people all the time to get what they wanted, never paying back what they borrowed, or just using people to willingly hand over whatever it was they needed, they also were generous to others. A very charming quality!

The reason they appeared to be so generous, is that they never ran out of other people’s resources. They never have to fear where they will get money or things. They don’t worry about the economy or the future the way the rest of us do. They have an endless supply of resources in you and I!

They may appear to worry, or tell you they are worried. But it is all an act.

Their idea of generosity is really manipulation, and just being their charming selves. It is all amazingly easy for them. They have an endless supply of victims because anyone of us can, and most of us will be taken by a psychopath at some point in our lives. Many of us unfortunately experience unrelenting abuse by psychopaths, whether physical, emotional, or both. The majority of us, however, will be taken or used by a psychopath and never even know it.

Unless you have experienced their vile abuse, you cannot comprehend the depths in which they can damage another person. It is hard to explain their behavior and it is hard to fully comprehend it because they are not normal human beings. They torture others for sport. They feel the most powerful when their victims are destroyed and in despair. And there is no level too low for them to stoop to carry out their destruction.

Usually it ends up being very easy, because they also have an endless supply of resources in their manipulation of others to carry out much of this destruction. And what is even more amazing than this, is that they even manipulate others into thinking what they are doing is right. For every victim, there is a large number of others who are manipulated into abandoning and or harming their victims. To those being targeted, the consequences are devastating. To those being manipulated to help fulfill their end goal, the consequences seem benign.

They can even convince society that their victims were at fault. Like I said, yes, their power is that great because they don’t have a conscious. If you think you cannot or have not been taken by a psychopath, you may have been taken and not even know it.

After being harmed by several psychopaths, I share all of this because I wish I knew then what I know now.


16 thoughts on “They Are Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

    1. Jens, thank you for this link. The information in this article might help explain why they are such good actors, if their empathy can be turned on and off. I never heard this before, but it makes sense. Like the article stated, this might also explain the charming side of them that seduces their victims in the first place. They use their empathy as a tool to destroy rather than as a motivator to help others.


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