The Greatest Challenge



14 thoughts on “The Greatest Challenge

    1. Fortunately we are given a lifetime to discover ourselves. And even if a whole multitude of people try to destroy us, our lives are still a gift to be lived. And when we have been abused this becomes an even greater challenge. I get that!


        1. Yes it is, and too often a difficult one. There is a difference between liking the way we look and liking our character. I think finding the qualities in ourselves that make life worth living, of love, kindness, and compassion that can help us to begin to love ourselves. And they are the only ones that really matter anyway. Loss and abuse can sometimes harden us, the challenge is to not let life’s difficulties rob us of these qualities. And if we lose them, work on getting them back. When it comes to what really matters, you have a lot of reasons to love yourself!

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  1. “Remember that your perception of the world is a reflection of your state of consciousness. You are not separate from it, and there is no objective world out there. Every moment, your consciousness creates the world that you inhabit.“
    by Eckhard Tolle

    …and so the circle closes

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