Life Is Made Up Of Moments

Life is made up of moments
meant to be lived

We can lean into the moments
and live them
or be dragged through life
kicking and screaming
or we can be numb through life
just surviving

Life’s moments come and go
just the same
with or without us
even when we wish life would stand still
or we could erase the past

Life is made up of moments
whatever those moments may be
life is made of moments
as precious as you and me

The sun rises
the sun shines
and the sun sets
each filled with moments of splendor
either captured or ignored

If we miss the beauty of moments
does it mean they were not grand?

If we forget to smell the flowers
does it mean they have no scent?

If we ignore the birds chirping
does it mean there was no song?

If we ignore the heart of someone dear
does it mean that they didn’t care?

If we misunderstand
the encouragement of a friend
does it mean they don’t really understand?

If we miss the beauty of a moment
does it mean it was filled with despair?

Life is made up of moments
filled with joy or regret

Like a blank canvas
life is made up of moments
moments lived or moments lost

There is wonder all around us
even in our darkest moments
when we feel all alone
with no one to care

Life is kind like that
even when we are not aware


4 thoughts on “Life Is Made Up Of Moments

    1. Abuse keeps us in the survival mode. But life is filled with beauty that we miss. Getting lost in nature’s beauty, even for a moment, can give us a reprieve one moment at a time. Not being able to be present for them is very sad.


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