Like The Wind

I once read that trees and plants need the wind. It stimulates their growth. Without the wind, there would be no movement. It is the wind that “awakens” the plants, so to speak, and encourages their growth.

It has been windy here the past few days. And as I sat on my patio watching the tree limbs, vegetable plants and flowers swaying in the wind, I began to wonder. What if the difficulties and obstacles in our life are like the wind? What if they aren’t meant to harm us, but to challenge us? What if they are really meant to get us moving?

Maybe without them, we would become complacent and stagnant, immovable in our lives. Maybe they are really gifts in some sort of way. Maybe some challenges are to be solved like a crossword puzzle. And some for us to dig deep into ourselves and grow.

For most of us, all the positive changes in our lives never would have happened if it weren’t for some challenge or obstacle that stimulated the change. Many of the positive things would have never happened without them.

Abuse or evil tragedies are never gifts, they never should have happened. However, this all could still apply to the struggles we face from them. Sometimes we forget that good can come from something bad, even from something tragic in our lives. It doesn’t wipe away the sting or pain of abuse or tragedy. But sometimes blessings happen in spite of the tragedy, not because of it.

Life is filled with wonderful moments and miracles and good along with the bad. It is too easy to get lost in the bad and lose hope in good. It has happened in my own life.

Thankfully, not every day is windy. We need calm and peace too. When life is nothing but wind, this is not natural. We were never meant to live in a constant storm. When we do, we lose our way, we lose our perspective. We forget how to embrace change and even good in our lives.

Maybe life is about learning to fly over and over again, every time we fall or fail or get hurt.

Maybe learning to fly for many of us is filled with panic and fear, like jumping off a cliff. And it is only then our wings will spread and let us fly again.

Sometimes maybe the road to joy is not always easy. Maybe more often than not, it feels like free falling. Maybe obstacles and challenges are like the wind, to help us grow in ways we never would without them.


12 thoughts on “Like The Wind

  1. We are born into an environment and into circumstances that are beyond our control. Our home country, the time, our society, our family, the people we meet (and that sometimes have an massive impact on our lives), are like the seasons and the winds. If we are fortunate the winds are in accordance to our own being, our path in life. Everything is easy and things happen naturally without much effort. Life itself seems to be a cornucopia for the lucky ones among us. But is that really so? I think we are all exposed to the environment with extraordinary, amazing individual capabilities. Each one of us is unique and a miracle on his own. We are like the pilots of a hot-air balloons. Our life is like the flight of the balloon. Assuming we all want to lead a life of happiness, joy and love, the prevailing wind might still lead our balloon away from all this. The pilot of a hot-air ballon obviously has no control over the winds but still is capable to travel the direction he wants to get to. How is that possible? The answer is, he knows that winds in different altitudes go into different directions and that he just needs to choose that altitude for his balloon to maneuver into the direction he wants to. And, if all winds at all altitudes go into the wrong direction he just lands and waits until overall situation changes in his favor again before the flight continues. God has not given us the capability to change the seasons or the winds but he has given each of us the perfect tools to travel our own path in life. So, instead of complaining about the bad circumstances (winds) we should rather focus on what we really are in charge of.

    Obviously we have most influence on our own being. So we might not change circumstances but we can definitely change our attitude and our approach to the situation. Our own state of mind makes the biggest difference to everything in terms of our own

    A really big step for myself was to become aware that I should actually only worry about the things that I can change. Those things that are not under my influence are actually not worth to spend (or should I rather say waste) energy on. Sometimes the hardest task is to find out where to
    draw the line.

    With respect to the wind:

    – With a negative state of mind you might complain about it and what it does to you and how it makes your life difficult.

    + With a positive state of mind, you might wait for the winds to cease and for calm weather to come and to comfort you and to ease your life. And that is true, things change. That is for sure.

    +++ But what you are writing goes beyond this. It is accepting the inevitable, the circumstances that we have no influence on. But it is also acknowledging our own being and our capability. For example that it is within our reach to change our attitude from a pessimistic, negative one to being optimistic. But you are taking the next step beyond being passively optimistic knowing a positive change will come. You are saying we should realize who we really are. We should realize that we have “wings” and that these wings are there to use the winds for your own purpose.

    Thank you, Blue, for this great blog post.

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    1. Thank you! We all want peace. But we can’t deny or refuse the fact that as living human beings we are meant to grow in every aspect of our lives. To fight against “the wind” is to fight against our own growth. And there can be no peace in that. It would be a shame to live our whole lives only to find out in the end, that the quality of our life really was determined to a large extent on our perspective and that the obstacles were opportunities not intruders.

      Thank you Jens for your thoughts and for the reblog! 🙂

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  2. Oh what a wonderful post! So very true, and I certainly relate to this. Each time I feel the wind blow I will remember this post and its significance. Thanks for sharing – happy day to you my friend! 🙂

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