Like Sand

Why is it that time runs through our fingers like sand especially in those special moments we wish we could freeze in our mind? Why is it that love so often [...]


Her Image Came

Her image came as I woke up out of my sleep still lying on my bed eyes closed breathing deeply It came out of nowhere like a stamp being pressed into the light of my mind's eye It startled me at first my thoughts ran wildly wondering this is [...]

Self Doubt

I have been struggling a lot with self doubt over the past few weeks. I started therapy again recently, and these two words, self doubt, are the best way to describe the underlying feelings that seem to stick to me. For anyone in therapy, these feelings are probably natural. It has made it impossible to [...]

The “Experts” Know Best?

(The following is a journal entry I just came across that I wrote while I was in therapy years ago. This is not a piece of writing, but an entry from my journal. The insight I had then grips me today!) *** It is strange watching and listening to the "experts" who are so confident they know what is best for me. While they miss what is needed, the obvious, even act as though they fear for me to have it. They tell me [...]