Losing You!

I will never forget the day you were born
You went away so soon
When I needed you so desperately to stay
You were my firstborn child
All I could do was pray

There was no way to know
What was wrong with you my little boy
They wisked you off so quickly
You were blue, they said
It served only to fill my heart with dread

The nine months of waiting
The fear and pain of labor and delivery
But I was left with empty arms
Not knowing where all the love
I already had for you
Would ever find a place to be
I was left wishing
You were once again back inside of me

They wheeled your little body
Into my room
With all the machines hooked up to you
I never got to even touch you
I never got to hold you in my arms
I didn’t know I would never see you again
For you were to be gone too soon

I looked at you
So helpless in your little bed
As they took you away
For an operation on that day

I was like a prisoner
Unable to help you

Nothing could have prepared me
For the heart ache and emptiness
I felt when you died seven hours later
The life all around me now didn’t matter

When I was crying over the loss of you
The nurse walked into my room
And told me to stop crying
Because I could always have more
Her cruelty that day
Pierced me to the core

What was to be joy
Became a nightmare instead

I prepared for your birth
I knew what to do
I was completely ready
To take care of you

But there was nothing that prepared me
To lose you that day
My heart ripped open
How could I lose you this way?

I loved you long before
The day you were born
And with a mother’s heart
I love you still!

Thank you so much
For all the time you spent with me
Fighting to survive
Tucked away safely in my womb
For that was as close
As we would ever be

To know you more
Was never ever going to be

I love you my darling
My precious baby boy
I had hopes and dreams for you
To be happy and free
To know what love is outside of me
But instead
You live in the light and love of eternity!

* * * * * * *

Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton
(with lyrics)


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