Her Image Came

Her image came
as I woke up out of my sleep
still lying on my bed
eyes closed
breathing deeply

It came out of nowhere
like a stamp being pressed
into the light of my mind’s eye

It startled me at first
my thoughts ran wildly
this is strange
I have never experienced this before
is this an image of myself that I see?

It was not in color
but more like a pencil drawing
and yet the emotions were alive
vivid and real
they were etched in each stroke
of the artist’s hand

She was a young woman
her head bowed low
her hair fell softly over her face

She looked familiar

My attention quickly went to trying
to hold on to her image

I wanted to study every part of her
I wanted to know
the message she brings

I wanted to burn each line
and curve and shadow into my mind
I wanted to remember her

I didn’t want her to leave
I knew there was more
much, much more
but the only thing I could see
and feel
was a deep burning sadness
in her presence

I wanted to help her
but I couldn’t
her image faded away
the same way that it came
only in reverse

There was such a sadness
in her presence
it was undeniable

As I lie in my bed
what just happened
I realized, this could have been
my whole life passing before me
in this one image
in this one emotion

It was my life summed up
in just a few seconds
and one image pierced
with a deep, deep sadness

And just like the image,
the only thing worse
than living in constant sadness
is to live in sadness all alone

If I were an artist
I would draw her
but since all I have are words
I struggle here
with the stroke of my pen
to lay her presence
and her sadness
here on this page
just like her image came…



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