Your Presence

Would you sit here with me for a while, would you stay and just be near?

Would you sit with me through the darkness of the raging storm, through the thunder and lightening, through the clouds and the rain?

There is something I need to do with all this shame

Would you stay a little while and just sit next to me, in the deafness and silence
of the grief, and pain, and agony?

When you are close, it puts water on the flames of fear, it comforts me through each tear

While you sit with me, can you bear to see the layers of brokenness deep inside of me?

Please, please tell me, it won’t scare you away, for I need you and want you to stay

The shame is theirs, this I know, but they put it on me, and I try so hard not to let it show

Taking it away, seems like an impossibility, it was easier to receive than it is to lose

I never saw it coming

It came in the darkness of night, not in the light of day, along with the fear and pain, I can’t make it go away

The shame… the shame… it didn’t have a name

For it was invisible when they pierced it into me, there was no way to fight it because I was paralyzed in fear, parts of me had to disappear, my eyes were closed tight and I couldn’t see

The scars they left behind are hidden deep inside of me

Please, won’t you just sit and stay a little while with me? For your presence, it breathes life back into me!


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