Like Sand

Why is it that time
runs through our fingers like sand
especially in those special moments
we wish we could freeze in our mind?

Why is it that love so often disappears
like sand through an hour glass?

We risk to love
to believe and feel
while all the world seems to stand still
but love sometimes slips away
like the tide on the ocean’s shore

The good times
often seem only like fleeting moments
the moments we chase after and strive for

Sometimes joy
seems to just wash over us
for just one split second in time
leaving us wondering what just happened
what was that feeling deep inside

What would life be like
if joy could fill all the spaces
that sorrow envelops inside of you?

Why is it that kindness
often seems in short supply
like sand castles built in the sky?

Love too often comes
on the tide of selfishness
disguised in the warmth of the sand
that covers and soothes our bare feet
as we walk upon life’s shore

Why do we have to try so hard to forget
the evil that invades our lives
while the good times so easily ellude us?

We struggle with sorrow
in the sunshine and in the shade
in the calm and in the storm

The memories we cannot find
are replaced with anxiety and fear
even when love is near

It takes thousands of kind words
to erase the sting of one evil deed

Why is it that good times
pass through our fingers like sand
while sorrow and grief
seem to stick to us like glue
as if it were a crushing vise
like the grip of a restricting band

Why is it abusers seem plentiful
like the sea shells on an ocean shore
and yet they so effortlessly
slip away when they are through
with the next tide that covers you?

The pain they leave behind
is like millions of sharks feeding on you
as you try without success
to find a safety net
while your screams for help
are muffled by the violent crash
and deafening sound
of the oceans waves that surround you

Why is it
when our lives are hanging by a strand
like time
slip so easily
through others’ fingers like sand?


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