We’re Not Gonna Take It

After my husband and I learned to play the drums, read sheet music, and were ready to start learning songs that we could play along with, I had this need to play songs that expressed some of my deep emotions. Songs that were more like freedom songs, or in your face to those who hurt me. Some of these emotions were expressed in the lyrics of the song and some just in the beat itself.

The following song is probably going to have a different meaning to many of you. It never was my style of music and I never listened to it of my own choosing until we started to play the drums. At this point in my life, it has a meaning all its own.

This is one of the songs we are learning to play on the drums.

When I listen to this song, I often dance to it and sing along. By the time I am done, I am in tears for two reasons. One, because I am aware that this attitude and strength has been missing in my life. Had I been able to stand up for myself and protect myself, maybe I could have been safe. And two, because I want to embrace the power of these words in my life. If only I could! It is a goal.

I share it because I am hoping some of you that have been abused, are struggling, or just want to experience some empowerment in your life today will enjoy it too.

Sometimes I think it would make a great theme song for all those who have been abused in their lives. I can picture us all uniting together singing this song at the top of our voices. And at least for a few moments, feel what it is like to be strong and empowered. The way we were always meant to be. Turn the volume up and enjoy!

We’re Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister (with lyrics)

* * * * * * *


We’re Not Gonna Take It by The Warning

These are three sisters ages 9 (on Bass Guitar), 11 (on Drums), and 13 (on Guitar). They are amazing musicians for their ages. You can watch the 11 year old rock it out on the drums in the upper left corner through some of it. A girl after my own heart! 😉


18 thoughts on “We’re Not Gonna Take It

    1. Yes! My husband and I have been playing together for 5 years now. The drums kind of chose me which I wrote about in a blog post “Sometimes Art Chooses You.” I believe that is the title of the post. Playing the drums has been very empowering in being able to let out emotions bottled up inside… having another way of expressing them. I am glad you enjoyed the song!!!


        1. Yes it very much is! The funny thing is that I could have never imagined I would be playing the drums. But it has turned out to be perfect for me for this very reason… and girls need this outlet too! 😉


        2. Find* not fund 😂 Although I’d love to fund your post! I cracked my ipad and now it autocorrects everything to what it thinks I mean! Anyway I think it’s super cool you play the drums!

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  1. I get it …and it must be a lot of fun being able to express yourself this way. I have never made the experience of what is like to play an instrument, to express feelings through playing music myself. To be very honest, I think my life would have taken a different path if I would have been able to play the drums at the age of 11, like the adorable drummer girl in your second video. I even believe that this world in general would be a better and much more peaceful one if we all would be capable of expressing ourselves through music and if we would play music together.

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    1. Yes!!! That is beautiful! Playing a sport is good. But I often thought a much better accomplishment would be for children to learn to play an instrument… for many reasons. And it is something they could do for life. Oh, and by the way… it is never too late! 😉 Thanks Jens!

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