The Rose

The Rose by Bette Midler (with lyrics) [...]


​Life Can Surprise You Sometimes

Life has a way of surprising us sometimes. When I was in high school, my mother bought me a piano. I took lessons for almost two years. During these private lessons, I learned to read sheet music and keep time with a metronome. Everything was going fine with my lessons until my instructor started pressuring me to [...]

​Who Knew

Last night I read a post, “It’s All An Act,” on the blog site Behind The White Coat Beats A Real Human Heart. I love her blog and she is an amazing writer, doctor, and human being. Please go check out her site. I went to bed late and then couldn’t sleep. My mind kept thinking about this post. How bad-ass she is as a woman and as a doctor. I thought about how all of my life I have been made to feel weak and insignificant. How do women get to be this determined and strong, I [...]

​You Only Look Up

She walked through life her eyes always facing down looking at the ground “This makes you a target for thieves walk confident with your head held high” they would say This sounds so simple I didn't know I was even walking this way For you only look up and all around when [...]