​The snow began falling heavily
upon the warm green meadow
without warning

All the birds and ground creatures
began to flee for shelter

The earth was not prepared
for a storm like that

Everything that was warm
and safe
just a few short minutes ago
soon froze over with ice

Bitter and cold

Death came too soon

It was the middle of summer
the sun knew how to shine
the trees and the grass
bathed in its warmth

Nothing knew how to grieve
much less die

Everything was so young
life was all alone
not fully knowing yet how to live
or lose so much so soon

The storm came unexpectedly
without even a hint
of its cruel intentions

There was no time to prepare
to adjust to the intrusion
of relentless bitter cold

Death threatened all the roots
the foundation that sustained life

The vibrancy was gone
the beautiful flowers
wilted and died in her hands

The garden she just planted
not so long ago
fell prey
to what it could not control
and died bitterly
right before her eyes

It was all just a wasted effort
oh the cruelty of it all
the injustice

There was no use fighting

Even her tears were freezing
as they were falling from her eyes

There was no use fighting

She had no choice
she too just surrendered
to the inevitable


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