​If They Had Wings They Would Fly

As they graze in the field
without a care in the world
some resting under the trees
that line the boundaries
parallel to the fence that separates us
lying in the shade
that brings shelter
from the scorching sun
they are peaceful

No matter how many times
they show up
the delight never fades

Eventually they walk away
babies by their mothers’ side
seeking comfort
never too far
from the nourishment
she willingly provides

It only takes one to start running
before they all follow
not too far behind

They run like the wind

A beautiful picture of freedom
if they had wings they would fly

Leaning into the moment
without fear or restriction
no rules or judgment
no saddle to weigh them down
no harness to control them

They are free

They make my mind wonder…

If only we could be
like these horses

Present and carefree

Not for attention
not to be seen or noticed
just for the pure joy of it

Being fully alive

Without pride
free spirits
one with the wind
and the moment
with nothing to hide


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