​You Only Look Up

She walked through life
her eyes always facing down
looking at the ground

“This makes you a target
for thieves
walk confident
with your head held high”
they would say

This sounds so simple
I didn’t know
I was even walking this way

For you only look up
and all around
when you feel a part of the world
and as though you belong

Her eyes hung low
because she didn’t want anyone
to see or know
the pain she tried so hard
to never show

They say the eyes
are the window to your soul

If only they would have looked
if only they would have listened
to all my pleading and cries
to not make me go

I knew they wouldn’t care
I knew they wouldn’t see
for everyone who I thought
loved and cared
were no where to be found
they abandoned me
they never noticed or even tried
life just went on the same
with no one to blame

Lost in a world she didn’t belong
because for them everything was fine
but for her nothing was right
everything was so wrong

They wanted my eyes to look up
but no one ever took even a minute
to look down at me
if they had
anyone could have clearly seen
something was terribly wrong
inside of me

You only look up
when you want to see
when you can bare to face
the anguish
everyone else flees


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